Tung-E Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.

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We Specialized in :
All Kind of School Uniforms, Graduation Gowns, Sport Wears and other related products such as Stationery, Bags, Shoes, Socks, Trophy, Souvenir & Sport Equipments for Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary School.

Embroidery Service : 
School Badge, Tie, Cap, Towels and other related of Embroidery.

NGO’S Product :
Uniform, T-Shirt, Badge, Scarf, Cap, Boot and other related products for Non-Government Organization’s (NGO) and other community association.

本公司提供 :
所有中小学及幼稚园的各类制服, 毕业袍, 运动套装及其它有关文具, 书包, 校鞋, 袜子, 奖杯, 纪念品, 运动器材等等.

电脑刺绣校徽, 领带, 帽子, 毛巾及其它相关的刺绣服务.

设有制服团体的制服, T-恤, 徽章, 领巾, 帽子, 鞋子及其它相关的团体用品.

Tung-E was founded in 1978, At that time, we are mainly on garment factory model, Production of school uniforms, sports suits and other related products, Directly supplied to some of the primary school, secondary school, Kindergarten and corporate company.

In 2000, Tung-E was formally established a retail shop, Named Tung-E School Uniforms & Accessories Centre. During that time, we are mainly one stop concepts, supply School Uniforms, Bags, Shoes, Socks and Stationery to Primary, Secondary and Kindergarten. After that, we provided more product like NGO Uniforms, Accessories, Sports Suits, Trophies, Sports Equipment, etc. And we are also provided more service like Embroidery, Silk Screen Printing, Heat Press and Engraving, so that our customers can be more convenient and more efficient to purchase their school supplies.

In 2005, Tung-E set up its First Branch at Tawau city, is our opportunity to extend our product and service at that area, the schools, students and parents will have more other choices.

In 2010, our second branch at the inland area Keningau opened, we introduce our Tung-E concept to share to the local schools, students and parents, the result was very satisfied and ideals.

In 2014, we are set up our third branches at Sandakan city, we also introduced our concept to all schools, students and parents at Sandakan.

We are very grateful continually supported by the schools, students, parents and other corporate company.
Tung-E next Target will In addition to improving the quality of products and enhance the quality of services,we have created our own online shopping platform. so that parents only need a few buttons to deliver our products directly to your home.

东艺公司成立于1978年, 当时我们主要以制衣厂的模式, 生产学校运动套装及制服, 直接供应给部分的中小学, 幼稚园及商家们.

到了2000年, 东艺才正式的成立了门市部门,  取名为东艺学生制服用品中心, 当时的概念主要以一站式的方式, 提供中小学生的制服, 书包, 鞋子, 袜子及文具. 后来陆陆续续加入了学校社团的制服以及配件, 运动套装,  奖杯, 运动器材等.  此外, 我们也增加了电脑刺绣, 电脑烫印及雕刻名牌部门, 专为学生们提供徽章及名牌等其它刺绣, 烫印及雕刻服务等, 让学生及家长们可以更方便, 更快捷的添购所需要的学校用品.

2005年, 东艺在斗湖市区设立了第一间分行, 使得我们有机会将我们的产品及服务延伸到当地. 让学校, 学生及家长们有更多, 更好的选择.

2010年, 第二间分行在内陆区根地咬开设, 我们将东艺的概念, 分享给当地的学校, 学生及家长们, 效果非常的满意及理想.

2014年, 我们在山打根设立了第三间分行, 同样以一站式的方式推荐给所有的学校, 学生及家长们.

我们非常感谢一直以来不断支持我们的学校, 学生, 家长以及商家们, 东艺接下来的目标, 除了提升产品的质量及加强服务的素质外, 我们也已经开启了自己的网上购物平台。让家长们只需要几个按钮,就可以直接把我们的产品送到您家里了。